Orchard Hill Reformed was formed in 1994 by the merger of Bethany and Fairview Reformed churches.


Orchard Hill was formed on September 1, 1994 by the merger of Bethany Reformed and Fairview Reformed churches to "develop a regional church with multiple ministries and worship opportunities that meet the spiritual need of [its] growing community."

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Historical DetailsEdit


  • 1465 Three Mile Road NE, built as Fairview Reformed; 800-seat worship center added 1996


  1. Curry Pikkaart (Bethany, 1986-94), 1994-2005
  2. Richard Bates (Fairview, 1990-94), 1994-
  3. Thomas Bos (associate Bethany, 1998-94), 1994-
  4. Kirsti DePree, -2007
  5. John DeKam, interim, 2005-06
  6. Robert Karel, 2007-present
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