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Millbrook CRC was organized in 1954.

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Historical Details[]


3661 Poinsettia Ave. SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49508 (built 1956)


  1. Jerrien Gunnink, 1956-62
  2. H. N. Erffmeyer, 1963-68
  3. H. G. Vander Ark, 1969-74
  4. J. E. De Vries, 1976-92
  5. Martin Vellekoop, 1994-

Daughter Churches[]

  1. Arcadia , 1947-58, cosponsored with Dutton

Membership Overview[]

Membership data, Millbrook CRC, Grand Rapids, MI

Membership Data[]

Green (lower) line shows membership in families; blue (middle), professing members; red (top), total members; and magenta (thin), non-professing members.

Youth ratio, Millbrook CRC, Grand Rapids, MI

Youth Ratio[]

Red line shows nonprofessing members as a percentage of total membership.

Five year growth rate, Millbrook CRC, Grand Rapids, MI

Five Year Growth Rate[]

Red line shows five year growth rate. A five year growth rate between 10% and -10% is considered stable; greater than 10% indicates a growing congregation; one below -10% indicates a church in decline. This makes no allowance for daughter churches.

Data source: Yearbooks of the Christian Reformed Church. Dates are year prior to publication date since data is gathered at the end of one year and published in the next.