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Creston Protestant Reformed Church was organized in 1932 as the third Protestant Reformed church in Grand Rapids. The church split during the De Wolf controversy and disbanded in 1962. The membership appears to have joined First PRC.

Historical Details[]


  1. 224 Leonard Street NE, 1932-62
  2. Creston Christian School, 1031 Page Street NE, 1958-60


  1. John J. Vander Breggen, 1932-36
  2. J. D. De Jong, 1947-49
  3. George C. Lubbers, 1951-54
  4. Lambert Doezema, 1957-61 (De Wolf group)
  5. Bernard Woudenberg, 1957-59

Membership Overview[]

Membership Data[]


Data source: Yearbooks of the Protestant Reformed Churches. Dates are year prior to publication date since data is gathered at the end of one year and published in the next.