These historical church profiles grew out of my first research paper as a student in the Missiology and Church Growth program at Calvin Theological Seminary. This was to have been the core of my M.A. research paper, but when I determined that the degree would not be marketable for me, I quit the program - but not my research.

The goal of this research is to determine the normal membership curves for churches in urban and isolated environments, with a strong focus on Reformed and Christian Reformed congregations in metropolitan Grand Rapids, Michigan. I hope others will find this information enlightening, and perhaps someone will want to carry the work beyond the point I have.

At this point (March 2013), most of the data has not been updated in 15 years.

Maps use the excellent terrain maps from Stamen under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Ported license  as their background.

 - Daniel Knight

Reformed Church in AmericaEdit

Christian Reformed ChurchEdit

Not Yet OrganizedEdit

Christian SchoolsEdit

Christian schools have played a huge role in educating the children of the Christian Reformed Church, as well as other Christians in their neighborhoods.

  • West Side Christian Schools, 1883-
  • Baxter Christian School, 1884-1969
  • Franklin Street Christian School, 1890-
  • Creston Christian School, 1891-
  • Oakdale Christian School, 1892-20??
  • Southwest Christian School (now Calvin Christian Schools in Grandville), 1901-present
  • Baldwin Street Christian School, 1910-
  • Mayfield Christian School, merged with Creston to form Creston-Mayfield
  • Seymour Christian School, 1916
  • East Parist Christian School, 1923-
  • Sylvan Christian School
  • Millbrook Christian School
  • Grand Rapids Christian High, 1920-
  • Potter's House, 1981-

Netherlands Reformed CongregationsEdit

Christian SchoolsEdit

Protestant Reformed ChurchesEdit

Christian SchoolsEdit

  • Hope Protestant Reformed Christian School, 1947-
  • Adams Christian School, Wyoming, MI, 1950-
  • Covenant Christian High, Grand Rapids, MI, 1968-
  • East Side Christian School, Grand Rapids, MI, 1997-

Free Reformed ChurchesEdit

Orthodox Protestant Reformed ChurchesEdit

  • First Orthodox Protestant Reformed, Grand Rapids, MI, 1953-1961
  • Fourth Orthodox Protestant Reformed, Grand Rapids, MI, 1953, became Faith CRC in 1961

American Reformed ChurchesEdit

  • Dutton, MI, 1955-

Christian SchoolsEdit

  • Dutton Christian School, 1955-

United Reformed ChurchesEdit

  • Walker United Reformed, Walker, MI, begun 1917 as Walker CRC
  • Dutton United Reformed, Caledonia, MI
  • Zion United Reformed, Grand Rapids, MI

Heritage Reformed ChurchesEdit

Independent Offspring of Reformed ChurchesEdit

  • Calvary Undenominational, Grand Rapids, MI, 1929-
  • New Community, Grand Rapids, MI, 1991-
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